Thursday, January 13, 2005

Random thoughts of a spontaneous mind...
listening to: "Heart Shaped Box"- Nirvana
wearing: pjs- brigadoon shirt and angel pants which i wrote all over
feeling: tired, but unfulfilled. my back hurts. i feel... in a rut.. good thing it's a new year.
I'm having a writers block. SO i think i'm going to have some random thoughts of a spontaneous mind. right now.

shoes= People totally subconsciously judge people based on their shoes. I do that all the time. First, I'll just be there, in math class, staring off into space, because it's the only thing you can do when you sit at the far back and my gaze falls upon a pair of shoes. And I go, "Oh those are nice, come to think of it, betty's really nice," and I get a little positive boost of energy and the next time Betty asks to borrow a pencil, I'm more inclined to say, "Sure, nice shoes." And then when i go shopping for shoes, I feel so confident when I'm wearing my pink chucks which i wrote all over, because they show my artistic capabilities and my phat farms make me feel "debonaire" which is nice, because I don't have many cool shoes. And the best part, they don't even have to be expensive... if they're a decent color, clean and a little faded, they're fine, i mean, i like it, when people write on their shoes... it tells me a little more about them and it's fun.

deleting a song? hell, no= This really pissed me off. Before I got my iPod, I was begging everyone to tell me whether I should get a big or a mini. The benefit of a big was, more songs, but the little one was sooo cute. And you know what some people said to me, "Oh my gosh, your getting an iPod? You should get the little one, because it's so cute. And plus, once a song gets old, you can just delete it!" Ohmygoodness, red flags are going off, an alarm is sounding, poor dogs are barking because they hate alarms and somewhere Aarushi is inwardly screaming.
Deleting a song? Oh no. I couldn't. I wouldn't dare. Unless of course, it was a crappy song, but I don't listen to crappy songs. A song, in my mind, is like a message from god. Okay, maybe not that intense, (because a lot of songs are about sex) but anyway, it's like the truist art form, a portrait of the human soul. When you write a song and sing it, it's like sharing a piece of you. And would you want a piece of you just clicked away? I don't think so. It's the same thing as tearing up a beautiful painting, burning a poem and why? To make space for something new. And new isn't always better, it's just new. In fact, the music of our generation sucks. Especially on Z104, which plays the same songs, over and over again. (like the song, over and over)
And songs are like a fine wine, as they get older, they mature and grow. Yeah, it's the same chords, but at different points in your life, music has different meanings. And I would hate, having just the current music on my iPod! What good is it if I only have Britney Spears's In the Zone album or Destiny Fulfilled or whatever the hell people are listening to? What about the Beatles? U2? David Bowie? Nirvana? ANd i thought people liked Nirvana... Yeah so it's a little old, but it's really good. People don't waste all that time recording music if you're only gonna keep it for a year. Because believe it or not, people don't do it just for the cash. They want to get their message through, they want to be heard and they want to spread their emotions through their music. It's not fair if all of it is thrown away. Music is one of the greatest gifts, and great gifts shouldn't be cast off. So here, if the song sucks, delete it, but if you like it, with all your perspective on life, please keep it in. (Oh and I got the non-mini one, because I don't delete.)

That's it for now.. But tune in later.