Friday, May 10, 2013

exercises in consideration

\writing papers. papers upon papers upon papers make me realize there is a world beyond my immediate comfort zone and a life beyond our borders. sometimes it's inside of a book of fiction, one that reveals more than going through tens and thousands of gallery photographs. whoever said a picture is worth 1000 words is full of bologna, especially if that picture is a selfie, or if it's the sun setting on the horizon. we get it. argue with me if you must.

an institutional reality still sometimes needs to be analyzed, dissected and stripped apart, or second-guessed maybe even more than a dozen times, and that is why i write and that is why reading is fundamental.

\i can't read the word bologna without pronouncing it balogh-nah in my head.

\at risk of sounding childish or naive... the realization that there are so many different things that are all beautiful. so many different forms, so many different faces, so many ways of life.

\on a related note, there are so many untold histories, and unwritten anthologies. we are never lacking something new to think about.

\the further iteration that racism is bad and so is patriarchy...and sometimes "i'm not politically correct" is not a good enough excuse for saying something unfounded, under-informed, insensitive, or just downright rude.

\just because the world isn't a certain way doesn't mean it can't be. it's not fair to point to shining positive examples and ignore the need for change.

\you should always check your facts before disseminating information, even if it's just checking how to spell someone's name.

\we bring everything we've ever done to everything we ever do, and we should remember that before we judge people we meet.

\i wonder how we'd all think differently if we didn't have a partisan system.

\people we don't take seriously yet are going to kick our asses tomorrow. people like my kid brother or your baby cousin. it's going to be super weird, but also awesome and maybe a little painful.

\as easily as we can say "why me?" we can also say "why not me?" and "thank you."

\admitting i am wrong. i am often wrong. i am often not exhibiting "best practices" behavior, even according to those rules i have lain out for myself, or those plans i make but never keep. errors in principle...happen, despite deepest efforts.

\forgiving yourself and others is also an exercise in consideration. forgiving others IS being kind to yourself. letting go of anger will strengthen your relationships and lower your blood pressure.