Friday, April 14, 2006

Is it possible to be a human being and not screw oneself over?
It seems as if no matter how hard people try to make things go as planned, their own preventive measures always fuck it up anyway. Not worrying doesn't work either.
For example, a person finds that when they stop paying attention or obsessing over something, the most success is gained. Suddenly they're relieved of their worries. So they go around, not paying attention and not obsessing. And now that they've stopped, they mess themselves up because they didn't pay enough attention. It's as if the human is doomed to fail from the start and the more they want something, or strive to gain it, the more difficult it becomes.
Is it all mental?
One would think so. People convince themselves that they can't do things and then never are able to, because of their own convictions. But other times, people are confident and sure of themselves.... and then are sadly surprised. '
Can everything we desire be achieved? Or are there just some things that we have to learn to live without mastering and try and work around difficulties? Like Geometry or Hand-eye coordination...
Is there a limit to how much a human can actually be able to do?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my impromptu speech
"when you're not in love, or you don't have love, everyone you know falls in love on like the same day. "-dane cook
i agree. why is that? why the fuck?
this is stupid. that is so incredibly dumb. why does that always happen?
sometimes i feel like there's a new law like the law of energy, like.. love is never destroyed or created, just like.. moved from place to place or transformed.
like.. not everyone can be happy at the same time so one person has to stop being happy in order for another one to gain happiness. maybe that's what love's like.
not fair.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm 15 now.
That's pretty much it.

I hate my Macintosh computer, it fights with blogger all the time.