Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey people.. I'm really sick right now, so I figure, what more fun thing to do when your sick than to post pictures on your blog? But actually it's more because Allie and I had a "Photoshoot" yesterday at my house.. so you know, inspiration and what-not. Actually before I had a camera, it hadn't occured to me how incredibly fun it is to take pictures.. and incredibly unrewarding if you're photographing yourself. We were going for four themes like Quadrophenia.. the thing is that we're quadrophenics.. we're not schizo we're quadro.

Chet... pimped out
Allie thought it would look cool if he was grasping the bar... ::no comment::

Chet in my room.

Chet'n'Allie.. pimped out

By this point, Chet was getting annoying and he wasn't giving my hat back.

Aarushi le Bohémien

Let's just ignore the fact that I look gross.

As you can see, I'm starting to get a little pissed off..

Me getting mad at Allie for being annoying.

Don't you love my shoes...?
...and my skirt?

Allie le modèle

RocknRoll Suicide...

there's me... bein emo.

Right now I'm being musical...
See... this is why I need lessons.

i think i sneezed

just take a look at how incredibly huge my nose looks.

Yeah me being a straight-A student. I never dress like this.