Friday, March 30, 2007

Life's Not Fair.

This well quoted, and definitively true statement never does more than depress me.
I mean, why the hell not?
Life: not fair. School: not fair. Love: not fair. The Justice system: not fair.

Why can't we get what we want?
I usually just shrug and move on.
But somedays, the injustice is just so so prevalent that you just want to break something. The fact that something so harmless looking could bite you in the but
And it's just like... Dammit, world. Give me a break. Tell the truth. Be fair. I'm a good person.
Why does it seem like everyone gets a break, but some people just get whatever they want, like they have more of a right to be happy than anyone else?

Maybe some of us just have higher standards for happiness.
In a just world, personal opinions don't count. In a just world, those with the most passion win over those who are emotionless and the people with the most talent beat out those who suck up the most. In a just world, mothers could keep their children, and Cyrano wouldn't have died before he got to marry the annoying high maintenance lady with the ugly sleeves.
But life's not fair and it's terrifying that we have to live with it.

The fact is, we'll never get the instant gratification of someone taking back what they did because it was so unfair. And no one knows how they're affecting you. We can't hit rewind, and our life doesn't have a voiceover, or some kind of plot twist where the mean cheerleader gets hit by a flying rhino, allowing the dorky, but beautiful heroine to be the lead in the musical.
We just have to live and let live, and remember that we really did deserve it.