Thursday, June 02, 2005

Adam Brody is simply amazing. I mean, he's funny, he's got a great personality, he's in a band, he likes good music, including the Pixies, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, etc, he's got great looks, pretty hair, he's clever, he was on Gilmore Girls, in which he was in a band and dating the only girl on TV who has good musical taste, he's really really cute when he's kissing anyone. And he looks amazing sad. And he's jewish. I don't know how that factors in, but trust me there's a track. And he has great sideburns. But this makes him possibly the most dateable person in the world. If you didn't get what I was getting at is that he's a Democrat. He showed up FOR Kerry. Even though, that was probably evident through his musical taste. But anyway, he's so awesome. And he's the kind of guy who melts. And if you don't get that, that's okay.