Sunday, September 30, 2012

let's be strong together

let's bring out each other's best qualities.
let's remember why we care for one another.
let's get up and dance at this concert and let the music pass over us like a cool wind on a day drenched in sweat.
let's laugh like little kids.
let's let the rain sop on our faces.
let's fall in love with the moment, with this song, with the earth and the beauty that adorns it.
let's speak with conviction about only what we care about.
let's let the naysayers, haters, debbie-downers, fall by the wayside.
let's make a delicious omelette and eat it with too much red-hot.
let's go somewhere we've never heard of. let's see a shade of green that we didn't know existed.
let's let go of doubt, let's share in each other's joy.
let's stop hating the differences between us. they don't have to divide us.
let's not forget how many beginnings we get in this life.
let's do the right thing all the time.
let's say how we feel.
let's not be a little bitch about it.
let's get the facts first.
let's design an experiment.
let's not only listen to things that confirm our opinions. let's listen to the other side.
let's sing loudly to the music that lifts our souls.
let's give in to pleasure.
let's not find things boring.
let's push ourselves.
let's write a song.
let's call each other later.
let's make someone else comfortable.
let's build something beautiful.