Sunday, December 02, 2007

somehow woke up at 4:15 after falling asleep around 7 on the couch. I wasn't going to try to sleep again, so I decided to be superproductive.

So I've succeeded in finally registering for the ACT, thinking about registering for the SAT (Please kill me) and printing off an application for UW-Madison. I figure if I fill one out now, when I finally fill one out next year it will be perfect, (I mean, besides my grades and the lack of recorded community service hours-- I did them, I swear, I just never thought to write anything down and have people sign stuff, and isn't it enough that I helped people and didn't go for the recognition aspect? Because I don't really care if people know that I'm a good person. And colleges know that other people do it just to say they did it, but then they complain about how they HAD to do volunteer work and not other stuff, but like, hello, it's volunteer work, you volunteered for it, and I feel so guilty at youth service because it makes me start thinking about everything in terms of hours instead of in terms of nice things done. Plus, you get hours for like everything. It's not even like actual hours of service. But I digress..) and UW-Madison will be blown away, and I'll somehow make it to the "Maybe" table at Stanford.

I also started to look at New York Times Columnists for the Columnist project in AP, and I'm actually really excited to read all these columns. I think maybe I'll go for Thomas Friedman or Maureen Dowd (i.e. people who discuss political events using wit and sarcasm, as opposed to blatant approval or blatant disapproval), so I imagine it will become quite illuminating.
I don't know how I feel about the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, they're kind of emo. But I do know how I feel about the Hairspray soundtrack, as it manages to make a pretty boy, like Zac Efron, pretty sexy.

Another productive thing I have been doing; singing. I've been learning the duet of Movement 3 of Five Hebrew Love Songs. Which is pretty amazing, and pretty tough, I think I don't give sopranos enough credit sometimes, because they sometimes get hard parts, at least in the song that I'm learning the soprano part for. But really, the alto parts are pretty challenging too, so it's probably just that the melodies are already pretty hard.
It is based off of a beautiful by Eric Whitacre's wife Hila Plitman, which translated from Hebrew. I'll post them later, as I'm in too productive a mood to not be downloading songs from the rehearsal web site and practicing them.

Soon I will have to do math, and lots of it, I'll see you guys later.