Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I hope so.
We need AIDS relief.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

And now, a poem written by Aarushi's younger, newly 10 year old brother.
I love this kid.

You Feel All Warm Inside

When there is snow outside,
And you’re drinking hot cocoa,
You feel all warm inside

When there is a flower in a flowerpot
Placed on the porch
And it blooms with a bright colour
Like a flaming torch,
You feel all warm inside

When you see tree leaves
With colours of red, brown and gold,
You don’t feel cold.

You feel all warm inside

When the sun shines bright,
In a sky of light
And the clouds are like puffy, white cotton balls
Sweet music comes as the blue jay calls,

And you feel all warm inside.

-Chaitannya (Chet) Agni
November 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Rupert Grint iTunes playlist is good.. I love that he has Franz Ferdinand and NIRVANA and Billy Idol and The Streets lol. I think it's somewhat odd that he likes Usher's "U got it bad" because thats the song that randomly gets stuck in my head every third Sunday of the month. And he has a somewhat modern rock/ classic/80's revival influence

I love Daniel Radcliffe's Playlist
Because he has my favorite Libertines song on it.. and the Arcade Fire... and Weezer's Buddy Holly.. which I'm in love with and the Pixies. And this kid is all about the instrumentals and moves behind the music.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

My mom thinks that the Harry Potter movies should be miniseries because they're too long to be compressed into movies.

I disagree.
On opening day, my brother had his supplementary birthday party coinciding with the opening of the movie version of my favorite Harry Potter book. So my mother booked like 13 tickets in advance to accomodate my little brother's friends, my friends and stuff. So we get to the theater.. and take up all of the first two rows.. because ofcourse we get there at like, 8:45.. and everyone's already seated. And my friend Mallika cruelly negotiated with the young children in our clan to take the front row so we could take the back row. After like 2 calls to my mom who was at the concessions, the movie commercials ended... and the movie music began.

The movie started with the Riddle House dream.. but Harry woke up at the Weasleys... he'd been awoken by an angry Hermione Granger (or Emma Watson, for those of you who refuse to believe that she's Hermione), who goes on to wake up Ron, who doesn't want to wake up, but gets an "EEEEE!" from me in the second row. And here we go. Within 10 seconds, we're being whisked away on a portkey to the World Cup that has more images, more scenery and so much going on that your brain can't possibly process it in fast enough time.

And like, four seconds later, we're on the train and we get our first glimpse at Harry's crush, the adorable novice actress Cho Chang (Katie Leung)... who lets face it, works as the eye candy, apart from the hard-faced Emma Watson, who played Hermione yet again. Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful.. but something was up with her eyebrows, i'm thinking i just don't like her without bangs as much as i did with them..

But otherwise, the visuals are amazing, the actors keep getting hotter (gotta love them Weasley twins) and with the added PG-13 rating comes some romance that really spices things up and makes the humour more funny.

It broke my heart when Ron (Rupert Grint) and Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) were in a spat. In the book, it was sad, but in this.. it made me feel terrible for both Harry and Ron. Ron, because he was always overshadowed... and Harry because they all ditched him.

Some people may complain the dialogue wasn't exactly like the book, but I don't because it becomes newer and more interesting. Especially the Yule Ball sequences...

The tasks in this one were awesome. It was amazing how much they were able to put into the movie, though the plot was condensed. The only part that suffered was the general dialogue between the characters that wasn't plot related.

I especially loved the mersong in the prefects bathroom.. it was pretty and just the way i'd imagine mermaids to sing.

The romance in this movie was.. as I would say, "hnnnnnggghhhh". Everyone knew that Ron liked Hermione, and Hermione likes Ron. But they weren't together... and it made me love Ron even more for his jealousness of Viktor Krum. Harry's DOA crush on Cho, doesn't make us feel any less angsty.. considering she went with the opposing champion. But I loved how they went with two Indian girls... (w00t, for us indian girls). The banter between Ron and Hermione at the ball was priceless. The Hagrid/Maxime parts were adorable (they tastefully left out the big breakup). And.. the Ron/McGonagall dance was hot. haha.

The one thing that I felt lacked a tiny bit in this movie was Hermione's kick ass role, due to the cutting of S.P.E.W. and the explanation of the ending as well as the Cornelius Fudge foreshadowing the fifth book. The Rita Skeeter plot was left open ended... and I'm thinking, maybe the writers got lazy? Ah, who knows.

BUT DEFINITELY GO SEE IT. in fact, pirate it and send it to me. just kidding. you think.
It was definitely amazing.. it'll break your heart into a thousand tiny little bits, but warm you up inside.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Leave it to them to take the most innocently done thing in the entire world, and turn into something horrible. They are the masters of assumptions, the most fearful of their kind, the most vicious, the most scary, the most loving.... God. Please make it stop....

Indian Parents. What the hell am I gonna do?

In 5 seconds, they turn "I want to make friends" into "I'm interested in having sex"... Hello?is there not a fine line?

It's awful. They think you're the smartest kid in the world and then you prove them wrong.. and then you're dead. Because being their kid is not a bond of love, but a business dealing. An investment.

They have to put up with your shit, and you have to put up with theirs, so that you can eventually make the most money and give them bragging rights.

And yeah, they love me, but as soon as they put down the bars and put up their electrical fences, the good intentions are erased.

And you get one, extremely jaded and angst ridden teenager.

They blow everything up in their minds... And every second their angry, it grows exponentially until they're like, "Aarushi, we hate you, go fucking die."

I mean, it's not enough to be like, "This is bad, get rid of it".. they have to go into an indepth analysis about how bad it is, why it's bad, and how it's going to lead to me ending up 45 with no husband, no children and not enough money for me to pay for my therapy.

<yes. and that is an actual quote from an actual conversation>

I thought childhood was supposed to be a happy time. But they've been treating me like an adult since I hit the ripe age of 5. Well, let's face it, the brainwashing started in the womb. And they keep doing it, again and again. And thinking that I don't get it, that I don't hear them, That I'm just soooo stupid, that I'm not thinking about what they say, and freaking out over it, scaring myself away from doing things that all my friends do, because I really do respect them.. and love them and want to listen to what they have to say.

I wish I could just tell them honestly what I feel, without having it held against me for the rest of my life. But they're expecting superhuman robotchild and I'm just a kid.

But all of my opinions are wrong, all of my thoughts are wrong and all of my feelings are wrong.

It's not about how I feel, it's about how I should feel. And it's not fair. I'm not an adult.. I'm not some kind of fictional character that they're molding. I think I reserve the right to feel how I feel, when I choose to feel it and have people respect it.

And how can they blame me when I emulate them, and then I'm wrong?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

i hate school. i'm always wrong.