Thursday, November 03, 2011

sometimes failure is just failure

sometimes, you should just stop

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

bring me a dream!

me: hey
 becca: hey what's up
12:54 AM me: not too much gonna go to the old sandman
  and sleep with him
  or something
 becca: yeah i was 'bout to do the same
  we're tight me and that sandman dude
  he came to me earlier today, too
 me: hands off sister
 becca: i think he has a thing for me
  he like, visits me during class and stuff
 me: we have this mad crazy chemistry
  it's like we want each other
  but like, we're both too afraid to say so
12:55 AM becca: well, for all the time you spend avoiding him at night he's probably getting the wrong idea
 me: i have priorities
  i can't just wait around for him
12:56 AM he always comes to me in the end though
 becca: too far
  sleep tight
  hope he brings you good dreams
  i'm exhausted, srrsly i gotta sleep
 me: he practically won't let me get up in the morning
 becca: oh yeah, i guess you guys do have that special time
 me: hehehee
 becca: that morning time when he won't let you go
  he's like
  obsessed with you or something
12:57 AM sandwoman
 me: night!