Friday, August 31, 2007

And it's contagious.

I'm learning this song on piano.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Death of the Series

all right.
I almost got super emotional.
Because I kind of feel like this book touched my life in millions of ways, including guiding me towards the moral high road (insert story about being a fat arthritic sad 4th grader). I will give you my candid review of the book... yeah.


"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

"Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them."

You can scoff and moan and say that she spent the whole book unraveling the gigantic knot that was the Harry Potter series, but I have to admit, she prepared us well, similarly to a great teacher that I had for an AP class. As much as this was the last and most brilliant installment of Harry Potter, it was also a triumphant manifesto to the power of love over evil, and the possibility for redemption.

Bit By Bit:

Chapter 1 was boring. Sorry. There was like way too much description. Like in the first book, the first chapter was also boring. It got interesting about the 4th page after they stopped describing the ambiance.

Yeah, who's Yaxley? He was in like, every chapter.

Saying goodbye to the Dursleys was sad for me. I thought it was adorable that Dudley was so sad. I always thought that he might have a good person inside.

Does anyone else think that morphing into your guyfriend Harry Potter would be weird? I mean, doesn't it feel strange for Fleur and Hermione to grow weird male anatomy? Doesn't it change the way you'd ride a broomstick? Also, the Fred and George "HEY WE'RE IDENTICAL" joke was cute.

Poor Hedwig.

So they make Hagrid fall, and trick us into thinking he's dead when the next chapter is called Fallen Warrior, and really Moody's dead. Clever, Jo, real clever. So yeah. About Moody. I wasn't all that sad. ... yeah.

I'm sad that the Weasley twins are no longer. I mean one loses an ear, and the other everything else.

The wedding was sweet, but I was annoyed that Harry was in disguise when he met all of his old friends.

The reappearance of Krum was straight out of a fan fic. Harry was cute when he told Krum that Ginny was taken. She's also like 6 years younger than him. Gross.

Ron's birthday present was weird and Young-Min-like.

Ginny/Harry make out session was hot. ("she was the only real thing in the world") But then Ron had to go ruin it and be like "Don't grope her," and Harry was all "I promise I won't." I wanted more. But there was no more.

Was happy about visit to Grimmauld Place. Offered much-needed closure. Also, Kreacher became nice and made them yummy food. That was cool. All other house elves in this book were also cool. Dobby was the best thing ever. I was overwhelmed with grief when he died... he always spoke in cute third person. "Dobby has come to save Harry Potter!" I think that instead of making Dobby die, JKR should've made Dobby get married.

I kind of liked all the "Albus Dumbledore: Good or You know, Not that Good?" stuff. I think it really humanized him. And plus, in the end, when he talks about his sister and how his brother was the good one, it totally made me cry, especially when he tells Harry that he's a better person than himself. Another way the Harry Potter series convinces us that no matter how bad we've been there is hope for redemption, unless, of course, you're Voldy.

The stuff with the goblin annoyed me so much. He was so slimy and greasy and Ron and Harry totally disrespected him.

You know how they tried to summon all the Horcruxes? Why didn't they try to summon food?

SNAPE IS GOOD. I always KNEW it. I also knew that he was in love with Lily. I mean, duh.

Ron/Hermione wasn't that great. I miss the anger. They should've gotten into a big fight and then ended up making out. But I guess that was okay.
...but they never really did evacuate the House Elves.

Was happy about Harry's speech in the end to Voldemort. Was sweet and made me cry.

I was sad when Ron left and happy when he came back and destroyed the Horcrux.

I think the Ravenclaw diadem thing was weird. I mean, how could CHO have figured that out? But the Grey Lady was neato.

Felt bad for Snape being good but having everyone hate him. He should've moved on with his life... because he spent his whole life brooding over Lily. Aww. :(

The Dumbledore thing was really sweet. Thank god that man had all the answers when Harry was having his fantasy concussion thing.

I was happy about Regulus being a good guy.

Oh and Harry was supposed to die. I wasted all this time crying over him having to die, and then he didn't die. Good for Ginny.I seriously think Rowling was going to make him die, but then realized that if she killed Harry, she'd break the hearts of the whole world and probably get lots of death threats.

Epilogue was weird. I got all confused because everyone was named after everyone else.

I think Harry should've kept Dumbledore's portrait.

Neville and Luna are amazing as well as Grandma Longbottom. I liked how people throughout the series gained more and more importance, like Neville and Ginny and Seamus and Dean.

Potterwatch! was amazing. the codenames were cute.

It kind of sucks about Lupin and Tonks.

"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and those who live without love."