Tuesday, November 27, 2012

and you can have it all: my empire of dirt

when is it a good time to say that you're hurt?
not when the hurt has turned to bitterness.

if there is one thing that i've learned in the past year, it's that rationally saying how you feel is the best remedy to any situation when your feelings are involved - especially when those feelings are resentment, hurt, and distance.

that means, when you start to feel those creepy crawly stomach-sinking hole-in-heart feelings, you speak up when it starts or you risk forever holding your piece and onto a grudge you're sick of.
don't be a martyr. don't assume that someone doesn't want to hear your side of it, or that they will be burdened by your feelings. if someone is hurting you and they consider you a friend, it should be their problem as much as it's yours. if they're unwilling to change their actions or offer some kind of appreciation for your feelings, then maybe it's time to consider if the friendship is even worth it.

your feelings don't have to be rational, but rational people own up to their emotions, and recognize they exist.

stop waiting around for people to realize how they're making you feel. grow up, and take care of your relationships.

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