Monday, April 22, 2013


is only fun when you get to that point where you've done so much thinking on the topic that the arguments flow freely and simply from you. they dance daintily in the wings waiting to be unleashed onto the stage through your gentle tingling fingertips that transfer them from infancy to adulthood to the page to the world to be read by at least one person ever.

writing a paper is only hard because you must force yourself to think wholly and only on one topic (usually for what feels like an inordinately long amount of time) and discuss it with yourself. you must trust your own interpretations, and stick with your convictions, and then you must explicate them in a way that is sensible, logical, cogent and beautiful. bonus points if you can be funny. everyone will love you if you make just one joke in a situation that was going to be super lame. just one joke. doesn't have to be good.

i felt like writing this post because it is an exercise in my freedom as a writer. now back to the compulsory paper.

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